World Food&Health Security e-Center

The Centre was created for MilanEXPO 2015 and launched at the International Conference “Beyond EXPO: The New Digital Services for Food Security” held at the Palazzo Lombardia in Milan in October 2015. The Center was adopted on 17 November 2016 at the COP22 – UN summit on climate change in Marrakech, as a tool able to provide rapid and low-cost solutions to rural communities, thanks to digital services provided by prestigious centers of excellence and networking of connected service providers thanks to the Infopoverty platform, able to share expertise with remote users, transfer data and support and connect local institutions with the main facilities for assistance. The center is also distinguished by the use of sustainable and modular technologies, which rely on clean energy like the ones obtained from photovoltaics.

The Center, validated at the XVIII Infopoverty World Conference on the 13th of April 2018, can provide phytopathology, parasitology, remote diagnosis and analysis, soil and food evaluation, crop monitoring and soil protection. and analysis of water potability; telemedicine services such as radiology, ultrasound, extended to basic veterinary and cold chain testing services along the food supply chain. Moreover, the hub will form, thanks to new ICT technologies, new generation of experts and technicians, through a network of service providers such as AISSA (Italian Association of Agricultural Scientific Societies), the University of Milan, the University of Milan. of Sassari, the Padano Technology Park, Smithers Foundation and other associated international centers of excellence.

The Center’s structure is configured as a telecommunication hub with its own platform capable of providing and receiving, through broadband connectivity, remote data which, analysed by the Center, sends ad hoc solutions to the Service Users regarding the various problems submitted, in strict coordination with local government policies, according to precise protocols. The economic sustainability of the Center will be guaranteed by the benefits produced in the field, enhanced in blockchain mode, in order to guarantee maximum transparency and sharing of results.