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Technologies as a tool to guarantee an equal development

During these difficult times, we all are facing the problem of not having the opportunity to leave our houses, not even to work.

This forces us to find new methods to carry on our activities through new technologies, with the so called “smart work”.

Technologies have always been important to OCCAM, they are the centre of our activity and our main goal is to use them to reduce social differences.

Here are some messages from past Conferences highlighting the importance of technologies in society. 

Here’s a message from the 17th Infopoverty World Conference by Daniela Bas, Director of the Division for Social Policy and Development, UN-DESA.

“New technologies have changed our lifestyle in all domains. Technology carries, in fact, enormous potential for the future of our societies and our economy. Technology has been transforming the way we work, do business, educate, provide health services, interact with governments, and even socialize.” 

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“Nowadays we can see significant differences within the same country, between the urban and the rural areas and these differences are dramatically increasing in developing countries where all the benefits generated by technological innovation are just applied in the urban areas, leaving behind the rural areas and this is a challenge that we need to address so that we can create a real development in an equal and sustainable way.

The UE envision a future where there is a sustainable development that leaves no one behind and the use of ICT is fundamental in achieving this goal. Investments in projects that assure the achievement of the SDGs are important to guarantee a better future for the coming generations.

UE adopted a resolution on digitalization and development to reduce poverty through technology because development should benefit everyone and not just a few, worsening the gap between developed and developing countries. 

Technological innovation can generate job losses though automatization and the use of AI and robots but we must make sure that this tool is used to create new jobs and opportunities for youth and empower women, improve the lives of poor people and people living in slums and implement satellite education.”

H.E Brando Benifei – EU Parliamentary – from the 19th Infopoverty World Conference

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H.e Brando Benifei – EU Parliamentary