Who we are

Occam is the Observatory for Cultural and Audiovisual Communication in the Mediterranean and in the World established in 1997 by UNESCO. In 2000 the project was validated and OCCAM given full autonomy. Since 2003 it is formally associated to United Nations. 

 Occam Works on the transformation that the digital revolution induces on global development. It is the acting Agency of the Infopoverty Programme. It has a permanent secretariat at the UN HQ in New York. It founded the Infopoverty Institute at the University of Oklahoma.  It develops its activities in 4 Continents – Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe. Its board involves personalities of different nationalities: Egyptian, French, English, USA, Albanian, Honduran, Italian and other countries.

 It is chaired by Pierpaolo Saporito, High Level Advisor of the United Nations Alliance for ICTs and Development.