CICT IFTC – International Council for Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication (Italian Committee) 

         CICT (IFTC) is the International Council for Cinema, Television and Audiovisual Communication; its aim is           the promotion and celebration of the values typical of cinema.

         Since its creation, the CICT has been presided by John Maddison (ISFA), ), Jean d’Arcy (RTF-UN),                       Raymond Ravar (CILECT), Mario Verdone (CIDALC), Fred Orain (Production), Enrico Fulchignoni                           (UNESCO), Gérard Bolla (UNESCO) Christopher Roads (British Library), Jean Rouch (CIFES), Daniel Van Espen (Signis), Pierpaolo Saporito (OCCAM), Jean-Michel Arnold (Camera) e Hisanori Isomura (NHK). 

Currently, after the demise of the former President, the CICT is provisionally managed by the Executive Bureau, presided by the Vicepresident, Arch. Pierpaolo Saporito, and the film Director Georges Dupont (ORTF-TDF-INA-UNESCO), the General Director. Click here to see the web site!

EuroMediterranean Conference

The Euro-Mediterranean Conference was created in 1995 in collaboration with the European Parliament and the International Council for Film and Television of UNESCO. The main aim was to create a network and several projects enabling the establishment of a euro-mediterranean integration and a socio-economic development of the area. The conference represents one of the most prestigious cultural events at the Venice Film Festival and an opportunity for the creation of a dialogue between many stakeholders within the cultural, audiovisual communication and ICTs fields.

Here are some pictures of the latest conference “XXII EuroMed Conference on Cinema: Med Screaming Screen – the new languages in the digital era” (76th Art and Film Exhibition, Italian Pavillion at Hotel Excelsior, Venice).